This is a famous print by Mucha that I decided to mess around with for the exercise.  His art  already has a lot of lines in it so I was a bit torn between actually doing the pencil lines like the video said.  I ended up just adding the pencil lines anyway.  I liked the way it turned out and am definitely going to mess around with this technique in the future.PhotoshopLesson9

One thought on “PhotoshopLesson9-Devante

  1. Tania, I like Alfonz Mucha a lot; for one, he is my counryman as I was born in Czechoslovakia. I like how you made the picture looking like an fresco aged by time and weather. Pencil lines fit the overall scheme, and I would probably make them less pronounced on the hand that holds the fruit because it looks too strong compared with other line. Very nice work!

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