Jackie Color uses


I did not have the best time trying to deal with these. This was originally going to be a far more complicated pattern but due to “things” that went wrong problems grew. This project is my best example of why it is a bad idea to try to save time by painting backgrounds first if your original color for your top is something as weak as silver. There was also a moment when I could not for the life of me find the blue one until I remembered that I painted it on the back of another painting to save space. This project was not kind to me.


This character is from a game that is quite popular right  now called Undertale. Now this game is based around ethics and choice and this character will only attack you if you cause a lot of pain and suffering for the other characters within the game. One specific thing you will end up doing is killing his brother. The colors are very thematic to this event. Blue is traditionally used to represent innocence, this character is one of the nicest in the game. Red represents aggression anger and energy.  The is character is the hardest boss in the inter game and if you anger him you will end up fighting him for hours and hours because of how powerful and fast he is. I also tried to use a significant amount of grey on this character because grey is he color of loss.


I had quite a bit of fun with this piece. I am not a big fan of colors but in this case it did kind of work. I originally started out with the idea of some demonic mask and then added he colors to make it “Cheerful” and “Friendly”. I is not as complete as I’d like but once again due to complications during the week failure was present in my actions. I hope the next batch of paintings runs a bit smoother.

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