Color Contrast-Devante Owens

I didn’t realize this was supposed to be paint on paper until after I had made these.  I’ll probably just redo it this weekend if I have time but I wanted to post what I did so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.  I used the texturize tool in photoshop to add some interest to the pieces since they are just flat colors.  The original colors were completely different.  I ended up messing around with the brightness and contrast to get the two different pieces.  The cool thing I like about these is that they kinda just look like someone took really bad pictures of an abstract painting.  The light one looks like the person used flash and the dark one looks like they took a picture with the lights off.ColorContrastLight ColorContrastDark

One thought on “Color Contrast-Devante Owens

  1. I can see what you mean about it looking like a flash was used in the first picture. Truth be told, that’s what I thought had happened at first. The texturize tool really worked well in addition to your hue changes between your pieces.

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