Kathryn R- Photoshop 9

Reichert-Photoshop-9This tutorial was pretty easy to follow so I didn’t have too many problems.   Initially, though, the smart blur option was grey-ed out and I couldn’t figure out why.   I think it may be because I chose a RAW file to work with.   The JPEG version of this image ended up working fine so maybe that was the problem?   Otherwise, I had no problems with this project.   I liked getting to “customize” the watercolor effect using my own brush strokes; I thought that was pretty cool.

3 thoughts on “Kathryn R- Photoshop 9

  1. It could be your Bit depth that caused the filter to not work. Some filters only work at 8bit/channel. In fact, I think the filter gallery won’t work unless your but is 8bit/channel.

    As far as the pice, I really like this. I like the composition and how light it is. Nice 🙂

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