Kathryn R- Color Contrast

Reichert_Color-ContrastFor this exercise, I chose to try a painting of a flower with the moon overhead.   I thought it was a good way to see the difference in light and dark values.   The light dominant picture has more of a watercolor feel to it and could almost pass for daytime.   The dark dominant picture is clearly at night and the colors are darker and richer.   I don’t think I have a preference between the two styles, I could see how either one could work nicely for different projects.

One thought on “Kathryn R- Color Contrast

  1. I think your pictures turned out quite nice. They light one has a nice airy contrast to in and it looks very calming and peaceful. I like the darker piece as well especially no the leaf area. You still managed to differentiate between leaf. The only thing I feel had slight problems was the moon. It looks a little smudged in the dark area and it doesn’t blend perfectly. However I still feel that both your pieces were a success. They both look very graceful.

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