Various Paintings

I’ve redone these a few times, except for the color discord, which I meant to be a little more playful than otherwise. Some of them you may see where I painted over the old attempts!

For the first one, patterns, I used acrylic on a thick canvas-type illustration board. It held the paint so well, I think I’ll use it again. That was one of the difficulties that I came across in painting the things I did on paper, it liked to wrinkle unless I taped it down very well, which lead to ripping of the paper at times.

The patterns were not too repetitive, but geometric. I ran into the evenness of repetition problem with the older attempts, and drew on the painted backdrop to gain complete evenness. Graphite is a little tough to get off paint, without stripping it off or grinding it off with an abrasive pencil, so some of it continued to show through, but I got most of it off. I liked how it came about, and the only problems I ran across were the paint peeling off the paper with the tape.

IMG_20151103_123642523 IMG_20151103_123620498

This was the color in discord piece, it’s very hard on the eye for me… Originally I had a purple background with all manner of light colors but that was incredibly busy and bothered my eyes and my mind so much I painted over with black, and went from there. Not all the shapes were greatly done either on the purple background, I kept losing a lot of the bright colors in the darkness of it. Even with the reds and yellows here, I needed to go over the same strokes again and again to get it to the vibrancy you see here.IMG_20151103_123551713

For this piece, it was done in two using bright and warm colors to express movement and evolution, from a cool and controlled flame to a more discordious flame. Heh, you can see some of the previous attempts I mentioned earlier more than the other pieces. In some ways it adds more to the piece, so it’s an accidental but fitting mistake. Some of the reds didn’t come through as heavy as I would have wanted, they needed some layering to get where they were as well, of course I had a like background as well. Seems alright methinks.

2 thoughts on “Various Paintings

  1. All of your pieces turned out very very nice. I think my favorite piece is defiantly your discord piece, I really like how your colors are simulating blood. It reminds me of the day of the dead festival. Your flame pieces are quite nice as well. I love the blending you did, especially with the darker piece. Both of your flame pieces have a very nice fluid movement to them.

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