Color Uses-Tania Winston

Bezold Effect

Tania Winston. Bezold Effect 1. Construction Paper. 9×12

For the Bezold Effects, I used the same shapes and colors, but only changed the dominant color of pink, in the first one, to yellow in the second one. The red circle and triangle stands out more in the second one, while the orange square and the green rectangle and circle stand out more in the first one.

Bezold Effect2

Tania Winston. Bezold Effect 2. Construction Paper. 9×12

birds in sunset

Tania Winston. Birds in Sunset . Discord Colors. Acrylic on Paper. 9×12. Purple and yellow

I used a yellow to do the background of a sunny sky, while I used different purple hues for the birds. I was trying to get a different purple to mix, a more bright and vibrant one, but couldn’t quite seem to get the right mix down.


Tania Winston. Rose . Expressionism. Acrylic on Paper. 9×12.

I am not quite sure if I did the expressionist aspect of this assignment right. I tried to get the red color of the rose to be the one that stands out the most, as rose petals are the most important part of the flower. I first painted the background grey, but I don’t know what was wrong with   my white and black colors. The grey that I got was sticky as I put it on the canvas, almost as if it was drying out, but I had just squeezed it out onto the palette and mixed it. The background effect was not what I wanted.

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