Color Uses – Hunter

(Sorry for the bad quality photos; what I usually use to upload them was acting up today.)

These projects were fun to do. Except for the Bezold effect piece. I didn’t really understand it while making it, so I just did something that I thought was reminiscent of it rather than trying to emulate the examples. If I could go back in time, I would probably just try and emulate one of the examples, just so that I could better understand the style.


This next piece was the color temperature piece. My original plan was to have this girl who looks like she’s at a party and isn’t enjoying herself, so she’s blue and the party is the warm colors. I made sure to make her cup red just so that it matched the color scheme of the “party colors”. But some of the background ┬ácolor bled into her arm and it made me think that what if the warm colors were the intoxication, and it seeping into her arm was the level of her intoxication rising. I like how this one turned out.IMG_3180

The next piece was the color discord piece. I used the two colors in her headdress that were in the example. But I think the way that I chose to color it almost like a pattern doesn’t give the discord effect in my opinion. I don’t think I accomplished the uneasy feeling your eyes get when you look at it. I think it has part to do with the magenta color drying darker than it was when it was wet. But I still like this piece.


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