Color Uses-Devante Owens

This was the first version of the Bezold pattern exercise.  I ended up using construction paper and cutting out shapes to paste on.  With this piece, I chose pink as the background color since I used red.  This made the image look more continuous and order.  I’d say that there is pretty low energy with this color combination.  Nothing really stands out tremendously.    Colors_0001 (1) With this version of the Bezold exercise, I used a very bright orange as the background.  While orange is close to red on the color wheel, this orange is pretty saturated and compliments the blue.  The colors pop a lot more and it is kind of harsh to look at.  The orange and black also make me think of Halloween.  The white pops a lot more since the background is not a light color like pink which contains a lot of white.  Colors_0002 (1)This is a photo I messed with of a drawing I did over the summer.  I looked up a video on doing the splashes of color and had fun experimenting.  The original drawing has much more color in the rest of the body and the border is an eerie green.  I enjoyed playing with expressive colors because it forced me to think about how I wanted to switch the focus with color use.  Before I altered the photo, there was a much smoother path for your eyes to follow because color ran up and down the piece.  Now that it is broken up, your eyes have to jump across the piece.  IMG_3808For the color discord piece I altered a photo I took of conceptual artwork I did in a class.  When I originally did the piece, I aimed to create harmony while using both primary and secondary colors.  All of the shapes and lines were pulled from a system I used relying on rolling dice.  Since the design is random, I emphasized the lines to draw the eye around over the many different colors so they would not seem as misplaced.  With this exercise, I tried doing the exact opposite and create discord.  I took a photo and used the fill tool to fill in areas of color.  I upped the saturation and messed with the tolerance of the fill bucket to get a textured look.  I even went back and filled in some areas with white to add more contrast and disorder to the color scheme.  I don’t think it is pretty, but I enjoyed trying to create discord out of a piece that I originally wanted to be harmonious.  ColorDiscord

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  1. I really like all of your pieces. I had to look a couple of times at your bezold exercise because the dominant color change makes it look completely different. Your expressive color painting is succesful in its visual interest. The discord piece reminds me of the 90’s but let’s face it, discord colors were in. Good job!

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