Alica – Color Uses

  1. Bezold Effect – This was a time-consuming task and the result shows how colors are perceived differently in the same pattern when one color changes. In the picture on the left orange with red dominates over the combination of purple with green while in the picture on the right blue overpowers all other colors.

Pattern2    Pattern1


2. Expressive Color – Our family is looking for a dog and while I was looking at dog pictures, I came across a picture I liked and transformed it into a picture with unrealistic yet fun color combinations.To make a clear separation of colors, I used a black marker to outline individual parts. My 12-year old son wants this picture framed in his room :-).


3. Color discord -for this exercise I used a pattern on our carpet and filled it with discord colors to see how the pattern changes. I used earthy colors inlcuding umber, sienna, and ocra and combined them with dark green, which still matched the color scheme, then added the red to make the pattern really warm in nature, and ,finally, added light blue that does not fit any of the used color schemes and stands out.



One thought on “Alica – Color Uses

  1. I really like your Bezold effect! I had difficulties with mine because I didn’t really understand the concept, but yours is really great! I love how solid the colors are. The symmetry is spot on. And the one that has the dark blue messes with my eyes a lot. One second the circles look 3-D and then the next they look flat. It’s so cool! Great work! (P.S. The dog is so cute!)

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