Photoshop 7-Winston


I   used an image of a bear for my low poly photoshop piece. I did have some problems with the Photoshop aspect, as I normally do as I am unfamiliar with it still. I first noticed  my background was not the same size as that in the tutorial and finally found the right size of 1280 x720 from another video, not the 1080 x 920  stated in the lesson. I also had trouble with the resolution and the resizing because I couldn’t remember how to do it. I had to  go back to the previous lessons and find the video that  had shown me how to do it before. The lesson tutorial video really frustrated me, because of my inexperience with photoshop.  He was going to fast for me to follow along.   I finally was able to complete it, only to have my computer crash, and I had to start over. But I did it, and its complete!

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