Jackie color relationships


The thing that I have learned most from this project is I hate dots. They take to long, and I feel that this piece is very very incomplete. I also had trouble finding a magazine to work from. Turns out the only magazines that I have our my girlfriends birding magazines so the subject I was trying to recreate was not something that I had any particular passion about. Oh well, I made a bunch of dots.


In the spirit of halloween I decided to base my van gouh piece on a game called five nights at freddys. It is a shame the picture is so dark because I actually did use disjointed strokes in the black area but it just did not show up as well as I would have liked. I did like how the faces turned out though and it was a very fun piece to create.


One thought on “Jackie color relationships

  1. I like the precision of your dots in the pointillism piece, though I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was. I think it might be because your dots are too far apart. Pointillism does take a while, I know mine seem to take forever. I also like the pinks you used in the middle, it stands out really well.
    I love your Van Gogh style piece. I like how the black background makes the faces stand out. I think you did an excellent job on your brush strokes, I wish mine had come out as yours did. Great job!

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