Gloria Color Relationship











Van Gogh syle


Van Gogh style is very different , I did a turtle was very hard to go by the paint brush no even. to me look a little hard and no even maybe is y bmy first time to do it but was awkward to look the end.



I tough is going to be easy so I did this picture, half way done I was tire but i was already decide to finish it. this home work was very changeling to do it to much time, very precise to look the way it need it. I was worry to not get it look good, I am very happy with at the end

2 thoughts on “Gloria Color Relationship

  1. Your pointillism painting is on point! I think you did a great job on your point density. they’re all really consistent shape too. I had a really hard time with these for that reason, so I commend you on your job well done!

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