Color Relationships

For this project, for the one picture I decided to pursue in pointillism I gained the image from Dwell Magazine. Here’s the link on the article I read, and when I saw the image, I figured why not?

Cedar-clad guesthouse in upstate New YorkMy image wasn’t quite as detailed. Pointillism, much like Stippling in drawing, is incredibly time consuming, and color still not really being my strong suit it took me  a decent length of time to get to this point. I liked how the colors started to define shape and character from a distance, but at the same time when I work close to the piece I tend to lose sight of the bigger picture. I spent a lot of my time on the building itself. It’s the strongest part of this piece, the rest is rather abstract. I think I’ll continue to work on it, or start anew with a different approach, with minimal dotting.


Perhaps it would’ve taken me less time if I used a pure white background, and saved me some paint!  but in order to see the white that I did paint, I used beige on wood for the background.


For the Van Gogh style, I didn’t know what to paint so I just started layering on the colors. This is what I came up with, trying for pillars of movement just to grasp the concept as… it seemed a bit wonky and groggy in execution for me:

IMG_20151025_164543620There is movement, but not as much as I would’ve liked to seen. I think I matched up some of the strokes a bit too parallel to their neighbors, I’ll have to alternate a bit better next time. The real sense of completion is in the lower left corner, with the combination of colors there. The right side, being a bit… different in color, if I had used another lighter color, say more yellow or a blue even, it may have come together a bit better.

Another one I will have to explore later, with better resources at hand.

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