Color Relationships-Devante Owens

I’ve always admired Van Gogh but I rarely try to replicate his painting style.  I’m personally more comfortable with more realistic depictions but I love the movement and atmosphere that his pieces create.  One issue I had with this painting was being patient and letting the paint dry.  I accidently picked up the paper when the red wasn’t completely dry so it ran a bit.  I tried to cover it up but the paint was not opaque enough.IMG_1626 This painting was fun to do but not very easy to get the desired colors.  I tried to only use primary color and let them mix with the dots.  In the end, I like the way it came out.  Unfortunately, my scanner broke and my camera was dead so I couldn’t get very good copies of these two pieces online.  Hopefully I can get some batteries soon or fix my scanner so the next set will look better.  IMG_1627

One thought on “Color Relationships-Devante Owens

  1. I really appreciate the way you were able to correctly execute the van Gough style, it’s definitely apparent what you were going for. I like the colors you used on your pointilism piece but I feel like it’s very one dimensional , it doesn’t stand out I think maybe If there was a little less red coverage? But I like it, good job!

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