Color Relationships – Patty

IMG_0815                  IMG_0817

I really enjoyed this project, though they both were harder than I thought they’d be.  Making all of those dots was kind of tedious and mind-numbing, but I like the way it turned out.  The Van Gogh style was easier, but harder to make a good finished project on so small of a piece of paper.  Maybe my brushes were too large . . .

I have no PS project.  I worked on it for several hours and would get pretty far before I’d hit a snag.  I may need a tutor for this part of the class.  I’m going out of town for a family emergency tomorrow so will have to work on it when I return next week.

2 thoughts on “Color Relationships – Patty

  1. I really like both of your pieces. Your pointillism looks great and pretty realistic (or as realistic as pointillism gets, I guess?). I also like your style of Van Gogh markings. It makes the scene look very abstract. I really like how the blue and white mix.

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