Project #2 – Lauren F.

I’m getting a little bit better at keeping up with the schedule!  Here’s my project #2.


I decided to do a little research into Fauvism, which was discussed at length in my last Art History class, “History of Modern Art.”  I appreciated the Fauvist movement, because it was really bright and colorful and aggressive.  Fauvists got their name because of their tendency to disregard reality in an aggressive way; their name springs from the French for “wild beast.”

Of course, this style appeals to me because I tend to get frustrated trying to make things look as they do in real life.  Choosing to replicate a style that refuses reality is an obvious choice for me.

When I researched Fauvism, a lot of portraits came up, but I had been drawing people all day, so I decided to work with a boat, sort of playing off the more complex harbor scenes of Raul Dufy and Andre Derain.

I don’t think I was quite successful, though.  Fauvism tended to favor /chunks/ of color, where I used a lot of lines.  I tried to make up for it by using obvious brush strokes in the clouds, but I think with all the very linear reeds in the water, it was kind of too late.  I also didn’t leave very much white space, which fauvists did on occasion.

I think a little more attention to making my brushstrokes more chunky and painterly would have improved this scene drastically.  Also, perhaps more of an areal perspective would have been more true to the movement.

I loved the Tetredic color scheme though!  It allowed me to use really rich colors which made a warm, sunset-like scene.  I think the greens, blue-greens, oranges and red-purples were gorgeous.

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