Project 2-Devante Owens

I chose to focus on abstract expressionism and did a piece that is more grounded to reality.  I used splatter techniques as well as drips to create a lot of the effects.  The colors are supposed to be red, purple, yellow, and green.  The yellow ended up mixing with the green so I got a really bright green instead of a pure yellow.  I think I am going to go out and buy some actual purple paint because I’m never very happy with the way it comes out when I mix it.  I did have a lot of fun with this and kinda wish I could have taken it further and done more splattering.  I was worried that the paper could not handle it though because it started to buckle after I did the drips and wash since they require a lot of water.  Colors_0001

One thought on “Project 2-Devante Owens

  1. Devante’s abstract expression painting is of red flowers against a purple sky, with green and yellow stems, grass and splatters. The piece is well balanced with 3 flowers on each side, each reaching roughly halfway up the paper. The darker sky pushes my eyes down to the brightly contrasting grass and I really like the splatters that are there, too. It reminds me of rain as a storm is letting up and everything is starting to turn really green again. I think this is complimented by the lightness of the paint itself. Had it been painted on thickly, I think it would’ve given it another feel, altogether. I think this piece was successful in carrying out the assignment in its use of two complimentary colors, and it did so in a way that made it really nice to look at, too. Great job, Devante!

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