Joel S – Project 2

HouseFauvist House, Joel Sturm, Acrylic on Paper, 18×24″

I decided to to my painting the the Fauvian style. I did this because after this weeks exercise, I was a bit disheartened by my most recent attempt at a portrait. Since Fauvism has a lot of brightly colored portraits, it seemed like the right road to redemption. I gotta say, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I wasn’t originally planning on painting Hugh Laurie, but after literally google image searching “face” for a test to see how I’d shade a Fauvist ┬áportrait, this striking promotional image from House came up, and I decided it would be perfect. Dude’s got plenty of dimension to his face. I’m also really glad I spent all of yesterday painting the other exercises and getting more of a feel for paint thickness and shading. I think that the tetradic color scheme was really awesome to work in, giving you two sets sets of contrast and two shading gradients.

2 thoughts on “Joel S – Project 2

  1. This acrylic on paper titled Fauvist House shows a very grim looking man. The first thing you will be drawn to are his sullen eyes looking out at you giving you a slightly disheartened feel. The yellow tone of the skin gives the man a slightly sickly look, though his presence still seems to be powerful.
    I personally think that he looks ready to reach out and hit me if I give his face a bad review. His yellow eyes give him an almost supernatural quality that leaves me questioning if he is in fact human.
    I think this image should be used as an intimidating factor. Something you would stick on the front of your door to ward of noisy siblings and parents.
    This is an excellent piece. The proportions are done very well and it is just stylized enough that I can really appreciate the image. The color scheme gives off a disturbing feel and the inter pictures is centered around this man who is glaring at me. I think this is an excellent painting, well done!

  2. I can totally tell who this is, and I’m super jealous of your ability to make this happen!

    I’m gonna start with, WOW! I love this! I appreciate fauvism, so I of course like your choice in movement, but you also executed it so well! I can tell who this is supposed to be, but you deviated from reality and precision enough so that it fits nicely with the movement. Your use of these colors is nuanced, making the transition between each hue subtle.

    I think there is an interesting contrast between the kind of portrait you chose to paint and the colors you used. The bright blue and yellow make up the majority of the painting, and those, to me, are happy colors. But his expression and heavy brow are dark and intimidating. Although your choice in colors is striking and evokes emotion, I am not sure if it adds to the structure of the painting.

    Altogether, this is a really successful image. I love your choice in movement, colors, and subject!

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