Joel S – Color Schemes


4 Orange Hues, 3 Blue Hues

5 Hues of Green
Split Complimentary
2 Yellow Hues, 2 Blue Hues, 1 Purple Hue
2 Hues each of Orange, Purple, and Green

These exercises sucked up quite a bit of time! I feel more comfortable with acrylic today than I did three days ago by a pretty huge margin. I think it was really good to go over color schemes, it’s making me look at things all around me a bit differently. My self portriate ended up looking pretty scary, I didn’t do a really good job of the facial.. bits.. (I tried to make up for this with my Project 2 portrait). This was a week full of trial and error, but It was nice knowing that these were just exercises, and that they didn’t need to be perfect.

One thought on “Joel S – Color Schemes

  1. I really love how the pumpkin and your split complementary colors came out. The pumpkin has some very nice detail on it, and I really like how you did the leaves. Your split complementary colors looks pretty amazing as well. I like that it’s simplistic but very clear. All of your pieces came out very nice and I have very little to critique other than a couple spaces that are missing color on your pumpkin piece. Other than that all of it is very nice.

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