Jackie project 2

project 2

Jackie Turley. Insightful, Acrylic on canvas, Winter 2015, Canvas, 18 X 24 inches,

(Green, Red, Violet, yellow)

I decided to go with a surrealism theme. I am fascinated by faces and expressions more than anything else so a lot of my art revolves around eyes. I am a fan of surrealism mostly because of the random dreamlike quality that i portrays. I decided because of this I should probably base my design form a dream I had couple days ago. Each of these creatures played some role in my dream, and I at some point or another had control over their bodies (basically  I was them for short periods of time).  I did have a main creature who was essentially  dream me, and she would be the one in the middle. It was a very complex dream and I will not detail it all here since it was to long. I think that I captured the basic elements of it though, and it was fairly fun to paint. I think I’m getting a bit better with the camera, though the lens flare is still evident at the top of the head.

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