Jackie Color schemes


This was not as Monochromatic as I think it probably should have been but it was fun to do. I did enjoy working with the hair and the moon though I feel that the ocean did not flow quite the way I wanted it to. I feel their is also a bit to much color in it but other than that It is okay.


This was my Triadic color piece. The colors are green purple and red orange combination.  I hate the background on this piece I feel it throws the whole thing off. Green did not do my any favors in this one. I do like how the body and the heart on the platter turned out. The middle section was quite fun in this way.

complementary colors

I do not think this piece works. This was my complementary color piece and though I tried to make it work it just would not behave itself. One of the may downfalls to painting on paper is that it likes to absorb and distort what you are trying to do. That horrible smear on her forehead is a result of me trying to layer yellow over purple. This does not work on paper, woe is me. The colors for this were yellow and purple.




This is my split complementary color piece. It is made of violet, red violet, and yellow. I actually really like how this one turned out. I had a lot of fun creating and painting this piece.

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