Color Schemes-Winston


Tania Winston. Pumpkin Patch. Monochromatic. Acrylic on Paper. 9×12. Orange.

I used orange for this Monochromatic style. I used straight orange for the pumpkins and then mixed in a little black to make the orange darker to do the details of the sides. I added more black and got a brown color for the stems. I took the darker orange that I first mixed and added some white for the ground. I then used orange and white to do the sky, with a bare tinge of orange white for the clouds. The grass detail was the dark brown for the stems with a little white to lighten it up a little. This one is actually my favorite, I actually am proud of the job I did. I can’t believe how good it came out!


Tania Winston. HairFlower. Split Complementary. Acrylic on Paper. 9×12. Red-orange, Yellow-orange, Blue

I used the yellow-orange for the skin, and then did a blue mixed with black for the background hair, a dark midnight blue. I then added blue and white in various stages for the locks of hair. The flowers were different hues of the red-orange, yellow-orange, and blue mixed with a little white.

day of the dead

Tania Winston. Day of the Dead. Triadic. Acrylic on Paper. 9×12. Red, Blue, Yellow

I painted the hair grey because I thought the red, blue, and yellow would stand out more than if I had painted the hair black.


Tania Winston. Cacti at Arches National Park. Complimentary. Acrylic on Paper. 9×12. Yellow-green, Red-violet.

I used the yellow-green in different hues for the cacti, with the lightest hue for the quills. For the ground I used the red-violet, and for the two rocks a darker hue mixed with a little more violet.

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