Color Schemes – Lauren F.

IMAG0563Ohhh, look, a punkin!  Here is my Triadic scheme.  I liked this one the least of all, because it ended up looking just kind of muddy.  It’s Halloween themed, though!

IMAG0564Complimentary Portrait – I wanted to do a self-portrait, but I have not yet learned how to get PEOPLE, if that makes sense.  I can get my lines right and totally lose my face.  I need work.  The color scheme was straightforward, though.

IMAG0565I decided to do a blue monochromatic scheme, because my mother likes that color scheme.  I liked using the blues because they made the forest seem mysterious.  Wish her head was in proportion.  But whatevs.

IMAG0567I liked this color scheme – Split Complementary – the best.  It has a lot of really great contrast.  I decided to use that and go for a relatively simple design, kind of impressionistic.  This is my favorite piece from this assignment.

One thought on “Color Schemes – Lauren F.

  1. I know you say you like the pumpkin least, but I really like it! The brush strokes combined with the violet shadowing reminds me of the old-school Halloween movies- like Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin or something. Anyways, great job all around, I like all of these!

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