One thought on “Charlotte Project 2

  1. Charlotte’s Piece depicts a girl alone in a dark room in a white dress. sitting on the floor and hunched over. Her messy hair obscures her face, and a metal key is protruding from her back.

    The white dress starkly contrasts the black background, not only in color, but in feeling. A pretty white dress would normally be a joyus sight, but with her hunched over and alone in the dark, it makes it a bit more disturbing. The key in her back definitely qualifies this piece as surrealist.

    This image is pretty haunting. The contrast I mentioned before is really really effective. Though the picture nailed the surrealist aspect of the assignment, it doesn’t seem to follow a tetradic color scheme. Still, it was very well painted. The quality of having a template you started with in photoshop really shows through. Until you get really into the brushstrokes, it looks nearly photorealistic.

    Overall, a very nice and effective piece. It strikes me in the gut in a way that is hard to describe, but it feels “wrong” in a very good way. I suppose that’s what surrealism will do.

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