Bridget Jensen: Project 2

I decided to study the abstract Expressionism period 1946-1960’s. I had fun with this piece, it made me let loose a feel the brushes more than being so technical as I feel I normally am. I picked the color scheme because I like all the colors in it but one that was the rusty yellow color. I created something that to me expresses just letting going and having fun which is what I like to do, have fun.  

Abstrac expressionalism

One thought on “Bridget Jensen: Project 2

  1. Bridget, one can definitely feel the playfulness in your picture. However, the lines flow in one direction which still makes this abstract picture orderly. it would be interesting to see how these colors would play together if you use one of them as your background – I think it would bring up other colors more that having them on the white background. I would also suggest that you crop the picture and eliminate the background that is in conflict in your colors to make your presentation more powerful.
    Nice painting. Alica

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