Kathryn R- Project 2

Reichert_Project2_Color-SchemeI chose to create a piece based off of surrealism, which is my favorite type of art.   The two complimentary pairs I used were purple-yellow and blue-orange.   The purple is the dominant color on the walls, but I used blue on the left hand side to help convey the idea of shadow.   The ladders and the people are also done in various shades of blue.   The windows are obviously orange and yellow (I used yellow ochre as opposed to the cadmium which I had been previously using).   I really enjoyed creating my own scene and found the color scheme challenging but I was happy with the end result.

2 thoughts on “Kathryn R- Project 2

  1. I don’t know why everyone is writing their reviews this way but I figure I better follow suit.

    Kathryn painted a surrealism piece that has deep roots in realism, it conveys uncertainty and fear, constantly moving across these unsteadily placed ladders at which can fall into the abyss at any moment.
    She allowed her colors to mesh, making it seem as if there is only 2 colors present but the differing tones add a depth to each color block that wouldn’t be possible with a single color.

    Your proportions for the fade to back are phenomenal;)

  2. Thank you for the critique! (Just to give you a heads up, there’s a different set of procedures to critique the projects versus regular exercises. There’s a step-by-step under the FAQ. You did it anyway, but I just thought I’d say so because of your first sentence :))

    Thank you for the compliment on the perspective! We just did a section on this in the 2D class and I was pretty excited about how they turn out. You’re right- it does look like only two colors! I tried in the windows to paint half as orange and half as yellow ochre but the two blend together really beautifully, I thought.

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