Color Schemes – Hunter

I had a lot of fun doing these. I don’t think they’re the greatest but they do the job.

For my monochromatic piece I decided to use blue since it’s probably my favorite color.  color harmony

For the complementary colors I chose Blue and Orange. I wanted to make the differences very stark and dramatic. So I chose to use the blue for the shadows, the white of the paper for the mid tones and the orange as the highlights.

color harmony 2

For my split complementary piece I chose the yellow-orange, violet and blue. I really like the how the colors came out in the piece, they have a muted tone that I really like.

color harmony 1

And finally for my triadic piece I just chose the primary colors and made a design for the robe thingy she’s wearing.

color harmony 3

2 thoughts on “Color Schemes – Hunter

  1. I really like how subtle the colors were in all of your pictures; it made them really harmonious and work well despite the combination you used. I really liked your monochrome portrait- the shading of blue is really nicely done! I also really like the split complimentary portrait. Your color choice was perfect- it looks really natural. Great work!

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