Alica – Color Schemes

Here are my assignments.

  1. Portrait – Portrait in complimentary colors was rather difficult for me. In the past I did it in pencil and oil pastels and my results looked good, while here I felt that I had very little control over what I can do to shade the face and emphasize. I used a black and white photography as a model and was not happy with the results. I would need more instruction on shading.


2. Monochromatic – I used the still life to practice this technique. The cup is shaded as if the light was coming from the left. After I finished I realized that the background light should have be shaded the same way – lighter on the left and darker on the right.


3. Split complementary – I found this picture in black and white and wanted to see how it will look in color. After I had it painted, I felt that it was sort of empty and the picture need something to make it more ‘alive’ so I added white circles to make a wave across all three shades.


4. Triad – again, I selected a flower to capture the harmony of red, yellow and blue. As I was not sure how to layer the colors, I was experimenting which resulted in having two different styles in one picture (at least, it looks like that to me).


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