Kathryn R- Color Schemes

Reichert_ex6_ColorSchemes11) Complimentary Portrait (Blue & Orange)

Reichert_ex6_ColorSchemes22) Monochrome (Pthalo Blue)

Reichert_ex6_ColorSchemes33) Split Complimentary (Blue-Green, Orange & Red)

Reichert_ex6_ColorSchemes44) Triadic (Green, Violet, Orange)

I don’t think I’m a huge fan of the complimentary color portraits.   I don’t really care for the contrast of the colors against each other.   My favorite is the monochrome, in general.   I think monochromes tend to look cinematic and soothing in a way.   For my split complimentary color scheme, I used orange and red, but added black to darken each and thought it actually made them easier on the eye.   For my triadic, this was a (not so great) attempt at painting the aurora.   I’m pretty sure I went about it all wrong and if I were to try again I would approach it differently.   Anyway, this scene seems meant for a triadic color scheme: a deep violet night sky, the green grass and aurora and the orange path and lights off in the distance.   I had a hard time photographing this picture though.   I have a bit of glare on the right hand side.

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  1. I really like your portrait a lot! I think that the way that you chose to softly shade things really lends to the fact that you were drawing a child which is soft and new (that’s the weirdest way I could’ve described that ha ha!) Great job!

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