Reds and Purples


For this piece I used only three colors: purple, magenta, and a light red. No black or white was used in this,and it took me awhile to complete. I thought about the work as a nesting Phoenix, just about ready to burst into flames. It’s not as detailed as I would’ve liked, and the colors kept blending so I had to keep in mind the vibrancy of the colors as they appeared. Some of the colors I wanted to blend as well at certain areas, and others I wanted a clear definition of the line, so I played with the opacity of the paints by diluting as needed.

It was interesting as what I started out with was a blob that I knew nothing of how it would come out. I started with just a round thing, as I normally don’t even used purples or reds, I tend towards blues or greens, but I could come up with nothing for those.

The feathers took awhile to do, but with some layering it came together fairly nicely. I think the issues that bothered me the most were blending and layering, and repainting to get what I needed as I progressed towards the lighter colors.

2 thoughts on “Reds and Purples

  1. The feathers turned out great, excellent job on them. I do like the contrast of the colors as and I also like the background that you painted in. The flames were also a very nice touch, I really like the feel it gave that side of your painting. I am a fan of that on red beady eye glaring at me I just wish I could see the face more. All be honest though I kinda thought it was a turkey when I first saw it, though this is probably because of how it’s hunched over. All and all I think it succeeded as a very intresting, slightly abstract piece.

  2. I really love the feathers of the phoenix! The texture is spot on. I think the colors work really well together, too. It’s interesting how red takes on a cooler quality when next to cool colors. I also thought it was neat how you didn’t use black or white but still got such varied coloration- great job!

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