Photoshop 5

I created some shapes and filled them in as was described in the video. I had a little bit of a hard time with the second exercise filling in the paths that I drew, and ended up converting the item into a shape to fill from there, as I did as what was shown in the video but for some reason the completed paths wouldn’t fill when I went to fill, even with different colors selected. A bit of a side step but, it works and I get the basic concept of using the pen and shape tools.

Photoshop 5 ex 1 Photoshop 5 ex 2 Photoshop 5 ex 3

I liked playing around with the shape tools, which was quite a bit easier for me. There wasn’t much finagling with the tools as was usual, and I ended up branching off into different shapes and exploring an avenue into fractal-type work.

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