Photoshop 5-Winston

I had an easier time working on the pen tool in Photoshop than I did with the Polygon. One of the problems, I thought I had, was that I didn’t know what line for the Control/H buttons he was talking about that appeared and disappeared. But I realized quickly that because his image was blue, the line surrounding his shape he was talking about was hard to see. Because I used a lighter color, I could see it once I pressed an unpressed Control/H. Also when I tried to move the anchor point, I kept forgetting to press Alt, and I also kept forgetting to hold down the mouse button on each anchor point. I was glad he showed how to go back steps because I definitely used that tip many times.


Pen Tool, Photoshop

I had a few issues with making these images, but most of them were from my own mistakes. On the Polygon and Custom shape tool video, I had a slight problem with clicking on the nodes using the Path Selection key. I moved the whole shape instead of just the one node. Also, instead of just pressing the ALT key to bend or curve the shape, I accidentally pressed the Control/Alt and left clicked, which made a duplicate path. Also when I clicked on the drop shadow box, I noticed that my presets were different in my window than in the video. I couldn’t change the Distance and my blend mode multiply was not the same as the video. I fixed this by clicking OK, double clicked on the layer again and the option came up to change the blend mode to multiply, but I still didn’t have the option to change the Distance. I repeated the OK and double click on the layer. By then I realized that I could’ve just clicked on the drop shadow box and it would have brought it all up.


Polygon, Photoshop

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