Harmony Color – Hunter

For my piece I wanted to try and make a sort of spectrum. I chose three sets of color analogues (the girl on the left – yellow-orange, orange, red orange – the middle girl – red, red-purple, purple – the right girl – indigo, blue, light blue.) I’m happy with how it turned out, I think it would’ve been more vibrant in oils probably (I used watercolors), but I like how each girl sort of fits her colors with her personalities which I didn’t actually think of when I was drawing it out, it just sort of happened.

color harmony

2 thoughts on “Harmony Color – Hunter

  1. Really awesome painting! I agree that the colors seem to fit the faces. You did a really great job on the shading for the facial features, very well done. The colors are enclosed in the deep black borders and it really makes the faces pop.

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