Gloria Project 1



The above paint is the original from Henri Matisse


I choose this paint from Henri Matisse, I love doing this piece from Henri Matisse, I change the blue with purple, was good to mix the blue and red to mix a dark violet, I also change the white with a gray, the pink of the original paint i did a light red. I have problem to have the right amount of triangle.


2 thoughts on “Gloria Project 1

  1. This is good! Yellow, Red and Green are pronounce because of the purple bg. The geometric shapes are moving toward viewers. Great spatial effect! 🙂 Pairs of complimentary colors work well. Good work!

  2. Gloria created a painting using red, green, yellow, black, and a red/brown color. She has based her painting off of one of Henri Matisse paintings. The image is full of geometric shapes and well balanced colors. The shapes seem to match up fairly well to the original image.
    The image shows great geometric shapes as I stated before. They all seem to flow evenly with each other and match well to the original image. The shapes seem to pop out and give an eye fooling affect to the viewer. The colors all work well together and with a more subtle background it allows the shapes to pop and be seen more.
    This image makes me want to keep looking at it. Everything has worked fairly well together. I would have like to see some different colors compared to the original image because there is still yellow and a shade of red inside of completely different colors. The background works well because it is more subtle allowing the shapes to be seen better as well as the gray behind the shapes. Overall I think that you did a great job transferring the original image into something thats your own. Great job!

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