Warm/Cold Colors

birdies jelliesUntitled

The first of these images focuses on the use of warm, bright colors.   I began with pink, because it is a color that amuses me, and incorporated orange and yellow, choosing birds as my subject because these colors represent adventure and spontaneity to me.   My jellyfish are the alternative to the bright, cheery birds.   I used cool blues and greens to create a calm scene.   Jellyfish are calm creatures, after all, ambling along until something tasty comes along, and even then being rather passive about eating.   I particularly like jellies in this color scheme.

My neutral project was a little more difficult for me.   I feel like neutral colors are really limited and don’t say much, so I got a little sassy with this one.


To illustrate depth, I added some bright and sassy clownfish to my jellyfish work.   The yellow and pink light pops out in front of the jellyfish as well, as sunshine occasionally does.

2 thoughts on “Warm/Cold Colors

  1. “Bright and sassy clownfish” haha I love it. The jellyfish is definitely my favorite. I like your style. Adding the shine on the jellyfish and that light blue over the background really gives it detail.

  2. I really like your use of color in your pieces. I have to say the clownfish are the best part out of the whole series. I think the most effect pieces are the first two, the color helps you to create a feeling within the viewer.

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