Lesson 4-Color Temperature-Patty

IMG_5244 (2)

I used Denali as a subject for my cool colors, since it’s such a cool mountain.  The dark blue for the shadows was way too dark, and I tried to lighten it  up, not too successfully, but I guess it gives it a little texture.

IMG_5247 (2)

For the warm hues I just played around with red, orange and yellow.


IIMG_5250 (2)

Here is my neutral piece.  I am amazed at how long these little painting projects take!  I wish the end result looked like I had spent hours on this.  I’m still getting used to the acrylic paints, hence the thick black lines on my circle smack in the middle of the picture!

I realized I am a painting short about 6 pm Sunday night.  That one and the Photoshop projects will be late . . .

One thought on “Lesson 4-Color Temperature-Patty

  1. I particularly liked your mountain. It has a nice dark quality to it mimicking snow rather well. I actually do mind your very dark blue shadows, they give it a nice stylized feel. I also like your neutral piece, I had quite a bit of trouble with that one. I’m impressed that you kept everything so clean looking, and that dark brush stroke actually kinda adds to the piece. I really draws your eye to the center. The only one that I’m not really feeling is your abstract piece. It’s chaotic and the colors match well. However your brush strokes switch between orderly and chaotic and something about the combination rubs me the wrong way. To be fair though, I am not a fan of abstract to begin with, and I like your other pieces just fine so it’s probably just me. I do feel that all of your projects defiantly fulfilled the guidelines for this exercise so well done 🙂

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