Kathryn- Color Temperature

Reichert_ex4_Color-Temp_CoolReichert_ex4_Color-Temp_Warm Reichert_ex4_Color-Temp_Neutrals   Reichert_ex4_Color-Temp--Spatial-Effect

I painted all of the pictures for this assignment.   I used water as a recurring theme in the the warm v. cool exercise as well as the neutral color exercise and it was neat to see how changing the color of one constant thing and its surrounding really does make the scene feel warm or cool.   In the cool picture, it makes feel feel like there is a breeze or the air is chilly, whereas in the warm picture, you can feel the heat.   The neutral picture was my least favorite of all of these.   It was fun experimenting more with mixing complementary colors colors together, I’m just not happy with the design of my picture.   Lastly, the spatial effects was probably my favorite.   On top of going from the warm color concentrated in the center to the cool outside, the light colors of the checkerboard are white mixed with a little bit of the concentrated hue next to it.   Lessening the amount of pigment does make it feel like those lighter spots fall back of into the distance.

One thought on “Kathryn- Color Temperature

  1. I really like your spatial effects painting. I especially like how it sees to go in or out. I also like your cool hue painting. The blues really bring out a calmness to the sea, even with the waves you painted in them; calm yet not calm at the same time. I also actually like your neutral picture, the waterfall on the side is my favorite part of it and I like how it cascades down against the rocks. I think you did a great job.

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