Colors and Temperature

I started off with the warm and old image, mirroring the images but using blue and red to convey warmth and coldness. The way that the colors were painted differed with the warmth and cold as well, which was interesting when I started brushing the paints on.

IMG_20151004_210338529For this next one I based my patterns off of knotwork, as it seemed fairly natural to paint using neutral colors. If we think of ‘traditional’ crafts, they always seem most appealing when based off of ‘woodsie’ colors.IMG_20151004_210314013

For this one I did a simple shapes compilation, I ran out of canvas so the paper… was not the best thing. I’ll have to stock up next time I’m in town! ┬áBut, the darker, colder colors I used for distance. The warmer colors for higher points; the brown actually comes out on top more than the pink in my eye, because it’s not quite cold, but it is dark.IMG_20151004_210249708

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