Color Temperature – Hunter

These pieces were fairly fun to make. My favorite being the warm and cool colors piece. I went along with the watercolor theme to do this piece. It was watercolors on a 9X12 piece of watercolor paper. I chose this picture and based it off the song by Lana Del Rey “Shades of Cool.” I chose to make the word around her the warm colors and make her in cool colors (off the lyric, “My baby lives in shades of blue (cool)”) to make it seem like she can’t be bothered by anything.  ldr cool

These next pieces I did digitally. They were really fun little doodles that I applied the instructions on. The one I don’t think I like as much is the one where I used the cool and warm colors to add depth. I don’t think I really accomplished the desired effect as much as I would have like to, but I still like it.

neutral colorsdepth

One thought on “Color Temperature – Hunter

  1. I really love your portrait work and this piece came out really nice. The variety of line and multimedia is pretty awesome. I also really like your neutral color piece. It is simple but it is pleasant to look at and follows the instructions. I actually think the last piece was a success in regards to creating depth. The colors seem to be radiating from the center but the cooler colors definitely appear to be pushed back in comparison with the central warmer colors.

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