Color Temperature-Devante Owens

I didn’t realize this assignment was supposed to be paint on paper since the actual instructions on the document said it could be either so I’m sorry for missing that.

Cool Colors

I  wanted this piece to feel cold and lifeless since it is in outer space but I also wanted it to have some interest.  That’s why I put a faint glow around the comet and also made the tail more intricate.

Neutral Colors  Netral color

This was my neutral piece.  It’s supposed to be an ocean but the water looks a bit funky since I was trying to keep to a neutral palette.  I actually had some fun with this one even though it is a bit simple.

Warm Colors  warm

I actually liked the whole idea of bringing things into the foreground with warmer colors.  I did this piece with the intent of being a counterpart to my next piece.  It is supposed to give the sense of heat and I put the moon in the background with a blurred edge in order to enhance the depth.

Spacial Effects
SpaceAlthough I originally drew the orange planet to be in the background, since I made the second planet blue, it automatically looked like it was closer.  I found this really interesting since the size is so different and when things are bigger, they usually appear closer.  By contrast, the piece I did of the sun is both large and warm colored.  If you couldn’t already tell, I kinda got stuck with a theme on this exercise.

One thought on “Color Temperature-Devante Owens

  1. I love the space theme of some of your pieces! That comet looks incredible, you did I wonderful job with the glow on it, as well as the spiral tail wrapping around it. Even if it isn’t the way it was assigned, I’m glad you did the pieces in Photoshop, It’s got me excited to use the program more!

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