Gloria Color Temperature

Warn Color

This is the warm color, I have hard time to do it I forgot I can not change the paint after it dry, so I could not make look better, but i did like the results of this paint.

I chose red, orange and yellow to convey the idea of forest, the felling with that is sometime life is hard we are tire, annoying, whatever case it is to be sad, take a long way to go to find the light.



I manage better this paint, this is my cool color the opposite of my first paint, I want to give the feeling of peace, relaxing, calm, also I am learning how to use the colors and mixing them.




I did not know what to do I just start drawing and I came with this. This is my neutral   colors I use   different tone of gray, dark orange, dark blue and black.



this is my special effects paint, I use green and orange to give the illusion of piece of box is falling.

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