color temp

On the instructions I first read,”Digital or traditional,” then I read a part that said,”Use paints on paper,” after I did everything on photoshop. So that’s why all my work is digital. Just wanted to make that clear before I freaked anyone out. Don’t worry, you probably did everything right. This took a lot of time but I definitely learned more about photoshop. The owl is the neutral color assignment, the leaves  is the depth, and the sunset water photo is the warm/cool assignment. I pretty much just messed around with effects and looked up some photoshop tutorial vids to help me along the way.

Untitled-532Untitled-8  Untitled-3

2 thoughts on “color temp

  1. The piece with the leaves on the background is so awesome, and so it the owl piece. They’re so unique and you see more and morse whenever look deeper into them.

  2. These are really cool! My favorite is probably the sunset/water picture, which when you think about it is a great example of a time we often see warm and cool colors right next to each other. I also really like the leaves. Did you do these effects off of photos you took?

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