Properties of Color-Winston

Color Effects

Color Effects


Black/White Value Scale Value Scale Color (below)

Mixing Lower Intensity

Lower Intensity

The first problem I had was that I had to make black with a mix of colors. After googling online, I chose the Pthalo Blue and the Burnt Sienna to make a cobalt black. The only problem was it had that tinge of blue so my black and white scales have a blue grey appearance. The same goes for the rest of the exercises, as I had to add that same cobalt black to make the different colors and mixed I needed. I do like the way the color effects came out, I like how the cobalt black made the red and blue shapes stand out. Though black isn’t on the paint supply list we had, I might go out and buy some so I have something to work with that wont have a blue or a brown look to it.

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  1. If you have the ultramarine blue, try mixing that with the burnt sienna in equal parts- I had some pretty decent results with that. Hope that helps and you don’t need to buy another tube!

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