Joel S – Project 1


Wassily Kandinsky,  Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles,  Watercolor, gouache and crayon on paper,  9.4 × 12.4″


Joel Sturm,  Complimentary, Acrylic on Paper, 9 x 14″

My parents had this Kandinsky painting up when I was young, and I always remembered it. I thought it would be a good picture to do complimentary colors with. I started with a photo negative version of it and did some color adjusting to make sure that the colors didn’t look too far off. A lot of the colors were a bit harsh, so I adjusted it accordingly. It was a fun project to paint, and I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable mixing colors as well as being able to recreate a color I had previously made. It’s cool to see this piece in a familiar but novel way.

3 thoughts on “Joel S – Project 1

  1. I really like your piece probably a bit more than the original due to blue being my favorite color. I like how you managed to tweak the complimentary colors just a bit to keep the overall feeling of the piece very vibrant and bold. Each circle inside a square retained its ‘personality’ and that’s pretty spiffy. I think it was definitely a smart choice on your part to go for something so basic that already has high visual appeal, good job!

    • Joel recreated Kandinskys ‘color study’ using complimetary colors.
      I like the feel of Joels piece, each section has something special about it and the colors are phenomenal. His piece has a much different feel than the original and its based solely on the change in color schemes.
      Joels piece evokes a sense of joy, even with the cool color scheme its amazingly vibrant and catchy to the eye.
      Overall I see joels recreation as a 100% success, he captured the essence of the original piece and managed to really evoke a feeling.

  2. Good job with reproduction. It looks like a negative of Kandinsky. Good color contrast. Vibrant create good dynamic and energy. My eyes are moving around the piece. Good work!

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