Devante-Properties of Color

ColorcomboI  was not able to get a ruler for this assignment because my sister is visiting and had my car all day, which had my supplies in it.  I ended up just cropping out and resizing the squares so they look more uniform.  I am still having issues getting a nice shade of purple but I think it worked out a bit better in the top photo.  It was nice seeing how all the colors interacted with one another but it was a bit tedious doing all the mixing.Colorscale

2 thoughts on “Devante-Properties of Color

  1. I think you did a very nice job getting the squares in line. Everything came out very neat looking. I particularly like your contrasting colors, it looks like you had fun with them.

  2. You did a great job with this assignment, you can definitely tell the effort put into your work I myself had a difficult time with mixing the colors and yours is perfect

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