Alica – Project 1

For my project I’ve chosen Alex Katz’s portrait of a woman in hat. On a yellow background woman’s face and hat stand out because of the contrast these colors in combination create. I decided to change the background for red, which made woman’s face and hat are much more subtle. When I looked at the original first, it appreared that the hat is black. On Friday I happened to talk to my friend who is an artist and she told me that the hat is dark violet. Based on that new insight I changed my colors. However, when I took a picture the violet color appears to behave like black. I probably needed to add some white to make the color little lighter.


One thought on “Alica – Project 1

  1. Your piece looks nice however there is no complimentary colors. If you pick red for the bg then her hat should be some kinds of green. Katz has many pieces to choose from. You could have chosen the piece that has more details to work with. That way you have variety pairs of complimentary colors.

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