Kathryn- Properties of Color





It was fun experimenting with how adding colors (whether black, white or others) changes the color you start with.   It is obvious how black and white will, but I found it a good reminder how even just a little bit of black can change a color so much, while it took more white to produce the same change.   The most interesting and frustrating to me was mixing the complementary colors.   I didn’t find myself getting the same nice neutrals that were shown on the lesson.   My colors looked pretty gross.   I put some white in the cooler tones and the colors started to look a little better.   Maybe if I added white to all of the colors to start with, I would have liked the end results better.

One thought on “Kathryn- Properties of Color

  1. I also had a hard time trying to mix the neutrals. I made sure my starting color was in the middle and then I added a little bit of white to one side, adding more for each square to the left and then did the same to the ones on the right with the black. I felt like my neutrals were darker than the lessons as well. I had a hard time with the black and white scale because I had to mix colors to get black, which ended up being a cobalt black so my colors have a somewhat blue tinge. I found that if I needed to have my color lighter, then I stated with white and then added the color to it (lots of trial and error), but that method didn’t work so well on the other side of the spectrum. I really like the way you Value Scale came out, the colors are still so vibrant from left to right. Great job on those!

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