Project 1 – Hunter

So I picked Alex Katz just because I thought his art was so interesting how drastic the lines were but still so simple. I’m not really sure how I feel about the final product. I like it, if it wasn’t compared to the original haha. I think that Alex Katz has such a unique was of creating such simple lines and using suggested line really well which was sort of hard to capture on the canvas I used. But I like it, it makes me think of the 80s for some reason!


2 thoughts on “Project 1 – Hunter

  1. This is a very interesting piece and I am assuming that you choose to use acrylics on it due to the brush strokes. I think that was a very good choice considering the picture you were working with. I feel that your color choice was very good for this image, my eyes continue to be drawn to the figure which is the intent. I think it captures the spirit of the original image and adds in new elements as well. The only complaint I have is I think that the stokes on the hair could have been darker. I feel it slightly detracts from the image since the brush strokes are so clearly visible. However I feel that you captured the shading on the face extremely well. The proportions also match up with the original which can be a difficult thing to do. I feel that your piece as a whole was a success. Very nicely done!

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