Color Wheel from Photoshop

Color WheelFor this I used darker colors, I enjoy darker colors than the regular brightness. I went through the video tutorials and found that listening to the guy was a little hard, he spoke fast, though I liked going back through the videos and revisiting some of the concepts. The hardest part was to do all of this in order, but once I got ahold of it, it became rather easy for me to navigate.

The tools I never used before, Photoshop is very new to me, I have only used it a handful of times years ago. There is alot that can be done with Photoshop, it’s like an open sandbox that can be used for very specific tasks or just for playing around in, and that was what I kept running into. I wanted to go play! but it’s easy to get in beyond what I knew to do as different keys did all sorts of things that just confused the heck out of me as soon as I pressed them. Alot of shortcuts, alterations, frustrations…. At least there’s the command-z button.

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